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Common Questions
My name changed; what do I do?
Send either a copy of the recorded document or the marriage certificate to the address below.
What about 1099 information?
The 1099 MISC form is used to report production payments.  All 1099 information can be verified by adding all gross amounts from check stubs.
How do I change my address?
Please fill out a change of address form and submit either through mail or e-mail
Estate Proceedings

Estate Proceedings

Interest Transfer Information


Mailing Address:


Dorado Oil Company

P.O. Box 578

Corpus Christi, TX 78403



In order to update our records properly, we need supporting documents of a change 30 days before the effective date. 

Your questions and concerns can be handled more quickly if you provide us with the following information when you call, write or e-mail:


  • Your Name
  • Your Owner Number (s)
  • Your Social Security or Tax I.D. Number
  • Date of Check if question concerns a specific check




If you have further questions please contact the Royalty Department at:


(361) 241-3200 




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